Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday #2

Thanks to Wendy, I'm now trying to think of places to go to get some really good shots of small towns. We have a fairly small town approximately one hour and thirty minutes north of us. It's called French Lick. In it's hay day, French Lick and West Baden Springs was considered Indiana's adult playground. With Indiana passing the gaming law, French Lick and West Baden Springs has been rejuvenated. There is now a casino and both hotels have been restored. Here are a few pictures from the grounds of West Baden and the town of French Lick.
The building in the background was formerly a bowling alley. About a year ago Mike and I spent the night at French Lick and were on the grounds in this garden when a grounds keeper told us that in order to restore the bowling alley it would require raising the entire building six additional feet above the ground. Apparently it is in a flood plain. There is a small creek that runs along the side of the gardens here.
T'Berry's Cafe. A local joint. Maybe sometime when the kids aren't with us we can check out the fair.

Instead, we went to the local pizza place. It's called Chicago's Pizza and they have a great pan pizza. With trivia to play while you wait. Does anyone know the first place tomato juice was produced? French Lick, Indiana.

Tomato juice was first served at a French Lick, Indiana hotel in 1925. The first tomato juice factory was also in French Lick, IN.

Another picture from Chicago's. The memorabilia in this glass case is from the Pluto water. "When nature won't Pluto will." Sulphur water to help move things along. There is also several pictures and assorted items that belong to the Celtic's great, Larry Bird. French Lick is Larry's home town.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brand New to STSS

We went to the Clark County 4-H Fair located in the no mans land between Jeffersonville and Charlestown Friday night with the kids. They were so much fun to spend time with. They all kept asking if we were at the "carnival" yet and when we got there they wanted to see the pigs. Needless to say, but I'm going to anyway, they all complained about the smell. I had to explain to them, "It was your idea to see the pigs, and now you know, pig poo smells." ;o)

Here are a few shots we took while we where there.

Rides at the fair are far to expensive, so Jake got to ride the "flying elephant" because he was the only one small enough and because Tyler chickened out at the last minute and so Jake got to ride the carousel as well since he was being good and he clearly enjoyed the other ride so much. Hope this is what you are looking for Wendy. Thanks for letting me be a part of the group. :o)